Treatment Room 24

Pricelist of treatment room services

Treatment Price
Intramuscular injections PLN 8,00
Intravenous injections PLN 10,00
Subcutaneous injections PLN 6,00
RR for adults PLN 5,00
RR children PLN 5,00
Adult ECG with description PLN 17,00
ECG of adults without a description of PLN 15,00
ECG for children with a description of PLN 20,00
ECG for children without description PLN 17,00
Removal of stitches PLN 18,00
Changing the ordinary gas dressing PLN 15,00
Changing the specialist dressing PLN 18,00-20,00
Spirometry test PLN 20,00
Nebulization PLN 15,00


Next to above presented we also lease medical equipment:

  • 2-syringe Ascor Ap 24 infusion pump
  • Invacare Platinum Oxygen Concentrator
  • Fingertip pulse oximeter SN09AJ146190


Laboratory tests VITALABO

VITALABO Laboratory tests point offers widest range of blood tests in Poland: all basic tests and a wide panel of specialist ones. A large selection of hormone determinations include hormones, thyroid hormones or hormones associated with the aging process, tumour markers, genetic research - the basis of cancer, thrombosis and neurological diseases, research towards exclusion of paternity and relationship, diagnosis of atherosclerosis and heart disease, diagnosis of bacterial, viral and fungal infections, markers of osteoporosis , diagnosis of diabetes and its factors, monitoring of drug concentration, autoimmune and rheumatologic tests, allergy tests: over 200 individual allergens and a panel system, e.g. digestive, respiratory, mixed, CASA sperm analysis.




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  • 52 / 355 79 16

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