Daily Home Stay2

Daily Residence House - a project co-financed by the European Social Fund

"A friendly place in the local community - II edition"

Project value: PLN 1,888,014.24
Value of the European Union contribution: PLN 1,736 973.10

Aim of the project: Increasing the accessibility of social services, in particular care services for people at risk of poverty or social exclusion in the poviat of Inowrocław and Mogilno for 30 dependent people and increasing the quality of support by covering the persons at risk of poverty or exclusion, ie for 18 factual caregivers.

The goal of the project is implemented through a series of specific activities, including:

  • organization of specialist occupational therapies, group meetings with specialists in the field of combating helplessness for improving physical and mental health
  • conducting classes and trainings in order to learn how to function in everyday life, raise professional competences and serve the shaping of practical skills, i.e. build positive relationships, memory and concentration, etc.
  • provision of day-care and day-to-day care for dependent people as substitutes for factual caregivers
  • ensuring individual stay conditions aimed at strengthening the possibility of independent living in the local environment during and after the project
  • organization of health workshops and meetings with culture
  • psychological and legal support for actual caregivers

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Inowrocław 88-101, ul. Staropoznańska 131-133
  • +48 603 882 808
  • 52 / 355 79 00
  • 52 / 355 79 16

Jeżeli masz jakieś pytania związane z COL, prosimy o kontakt pod numerem +48 607 133 800, od poniedziałku do piątku, w godzinach 8:00-15:00. 

Kontakt z Kierownik COL lub upoważnionym zastępcą jest możliwy pod numerem +48 609 105 610, codziennie w godzinach od 8.00 do 16.00.

  • rejestracja@sirmed.pl
  • przychodnia@sirmed.pl
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